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Punk Lives (Issue 10)

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Siouxsie And The Banshees - Metal Postcard / Mittageisen (1978)4th single from the band, and the first to not chart (although Love In A Void became wildly successful a year later). Originally titled “Letter To Heartfield”, single cover comes from John Heartfield’s “Hurrah, die Butter ist alle!” The chorus is taken from one of Goerring’s speeches during the Second World War.  Siouxsie: “It’s a warning song. The whole propaganda of the Nazis at that time was very dangerous and it could easily creep its way in without there being all the hysteria of killing the Jews. Their whole propaganda could easily fit in today… Not being able to get away from the commands of the day, not being able to escape, the idea of having cameras in your room and having people watching you…” [1 2]

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